Making Science Make Sense® is Bayer’s national, presidential award-winning STEM education initiative. This company-wide program seeks to advance science literacy across the United States through hands-on, inquiry-based learning, employee volunteerism, community partnerships and public education.

Why this commitment to STEM education? As a Life Science company, Bayer has its foundation in science and innovation. This gives Bayer a unique understanding of the integral role science plays in everyday life. Bayer and its MSMS partners are dedicated to changing the way science is taught and learned both in and out of the classroom. At Bayer, it's about making science more accessible and less intimidating – to kids and adults.
IMPACT In the Community
Bayer-Big10 Alka-Rocket Challenge
Making Science Make Sense has impacted classrooms nationwide!

Bayer is changing the way science is taught. Watch this video to find out more.